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Grow Your Money with Rich 2 Money Dreams come true when you invest with us !

Dreams come true when you invest with us !


Invest Into Brighter future with Rich 2 Money. You are unique and so our personalized Investment solutions. Explore well researched solutions best suited to your profile and needs.

Rich 2 Money is an investing platform where users can find the best mutual funds to invest in and can invest their money without any hassles. Rich 2 Money provides objective evaluation of mutual funds and does not advice or recommend any mutual fund or portfolios. Investor shall invest with their own discretion. Rich 2 Money does not guarantee any returns and safety of capital.


Apart from providing end to end loan servicing, Rich 2 Money, diligently evaluates the credit risk of each of the loan projects, a post which it assigns risk category and recommends an interest rate for that project. This helps the borrowers as well as the investors to have a benchmark interest rate. In the process, the investors get an opportunity to earn higher ‘risk-adjusted returns’ while the borrowers get an opportunity to get funded at the lowest cost possible as per their risk profile and market-based demand. We also provide legal and recovery support to investors in case of default by any borrower.

Types of loans

The types of loans that Rich 2 Money offers are:

  1. Home Loan
  2. Car Loan
  3. Personal Loan
  4. Business Loan
  5. Gold Loan

Our roles are:

Physical Verification
Agreements & Contracts
Best possible interest rates for borrowers

When money from various investors is pooled together to be invested in company shares, bonds or stocks, a mutual fund is formed. A mutual fund is then managed to earn the highest possible returns by a professional fund manager.

Investing in mutual funds is highly beneficial especially if you are looking for a simple yet diversified way of investing. Mutual funds are professionally managed and convenient. But that’s not all the reasons why mutual funds are beneficial.


Getting a home loan from us is quick and simple. With financing and expert advice from Rich 2 Money, you can also be a proud homeowner. Whether you are salaried or self-employed, you can get a home loan with competitive interest rates for the purchase of row houses, bungalows, flats and even plots. Faster processing and affordable EMIs make Rich 2 Money  home loans the perfect choice for new or experienced home buyers. We also offer expert legal and technical counselling to make the home buying process that much easier. Let us lend you a helping hand in making your dream come true.

Dreaming of owning a car?

Rich 2 Money Car Loan aims to ensures that you drive around the city in your own vehicle! Avail a car loan, or opt for a pre-approved car loan, and get the best interest rates. Rich 2 Money’s New Car Loan offers car loans from Rs. 1 Lakh upto 100% on-road price along with benefits. Before applying for a car loan online, make sure to use the car loan calculator to find out your EMI. Apply for an Rich 2 Money New Car Loan and make your dream of owning a car come true.

Rich 2 Money Loans are instant and come with no foreclosure and part payment charges. Personal Loans can be used for plenty of purposes!

They can be availed when you are planning a vacation, renovating your home or arranging a dream wedding for yourself or somebody special in the family. Now you need not postpone things on your bucket list! You can get a Personal Loan from Rs. 50,000 upto Rs. 15,00,000 with minimal documentation and speedy approval from Rich 2 Money. With a quick approval on Personal Loans, turn your dreams into reality!

At Rich 2 Money, we understand how every little step makes a huge difference in reaching your business goals.  Use the funds to invest in infrastructure, expand operations, upgrade to the latest plant and machinery, maintain inventory, or to increase working capital. These customized loans can give your business the much-needed boost to help your enterprise scale new heights with enhanced competitiveness and profitability. To help you meet newer milestones of success everyday, we offer a range of collateral-free customized business loan solutions best suited for your business requirements. Whether you are an established business professional or a budding entrepreneur, you can always turn to Rich 2 Money Business Loans in times when your business needs more capital. We offer business loans ranging from Rs. 3 lakhs – Rs.75 Lakhs with flexible repayment methods.

Gold loans are one of the easiest and quickest way to get funds for personal or business requirements.
Apply for gold loan and make the gold in your locker work for you and fulfill all your financial needs.

Rich 2 Money Gold Loan offers you quick and easy financing at attractive interest rates.

Let a gold loan come to your rescue for urgent financial needs
There are situations when we have to borrow money urgently to fulfill pressing needs. In such cases, an option of cashing in on instant liquidity in the form of gold assets is a boon. If you have sufficient gold assets at your disposal, you can always use them as collateral and avail a gold loan. Under this, you agree to keep your gold assets with the bank for a fixed period and once you repay the loan amount along with the interest and charges (if any), your gold assets are returned to you. This is a fairly simple and hassle-free process.