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General Life Insurances
Health Insurances and Mediclaims
Motor Insurances

Life Insurances is a mutual contract between the policy holder and the our Company, where our company promises to pay a sum of money to the nominee ( if something happens to the Policy Holder ) in return for a premium. 

Apart from financial protection, people are attached to life insurance as it is eligible to get tax deductions under Sections 10(10D) & Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. 

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We mostly deal with Max Life Insurance and  Max Bupa companies.

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Car Insurance

Car Insurance is a type of motor insurance policy that protects a car from any unavoidable dangers that may lead to monetary losses. It is a risk-sharing contract between the motor insurance  company and the car owner where the former promises to pay for the repairs/ replacement of the car in exchange for a premium. A car insurance policy provides coverage against any risks or dangers arising out of accidents, third party liabilities, theft, man-made calamities, fire, natural hazards, etc. resulting in damages or loss of the car

Why Should You Buy Car Insurance?

It is mandatory to buy car insurance in India irrespective of the vehicle type, i.e. personal or commercial vehicle. The insurers compensate for the loss or damage caused to the insured vehicle and a third-party from the insured four-wheeler.

Benefits of Car Insurance Policy

  • It provides personal accident cover
  • Loss or Damage of the Insured Vehicle
  • Vast Network of Garages
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Liabilities of Third-Party