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What Is Gold Investment?

Gold is one of the most preferred investments in India. High liquidity and inflation-beating capacity are its strong selling points, not to mention charm, prestige, and so on. Gold prices shoot up when the markets face turbulence. Though there are phases when markets witness a fall in gold prices, it won’t last for long, and always makes a strong comeback.

How to Invest in Gold?

The ‘golden question’ here is – how does one invest in gold? Traditionally, it was by buying physical gold in the form of coins, bullions, artefacts, or jewellery. However, there are newer forms of gold investments nowadays, such as gold ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and gold mutual funds.

Gold ETFs are similar to buying an equivalent sum of physical gold but without the hassles of having to store the physical gold. Hence, there is no risk of theft/burglary as the gold is stored in Demat (paper) form. Gold funds involve investing in gold mining companies.